Fluence - Khivraj Renault



The new Renault Fluence wastes no time in taking your breath away. Stylish and fluid contours give it a seamless and uninterrupted flow that’s difficult to replicate. A distinctive character line flows towards the rear from the rounded front wings before emphasizing the car’s solid rear body. The windscreen wipers are hidden behind the bonnet’s upper edge to complement the aesthetics of the car and to improve its aerodynamics.If the exterior is mesmerizing, the interior is inviting. The integrated upper dashboard cowling has a soft-touch finish, yet it is also resistant to everyday weathering. The cabin comforts and interior refinement are meticulously crafted to please the eye and soothe the senses. Go ahead, change the way you look at automobile design.
Renault Fluence puts the accent on driving comfort. Let the air-conditioning automatically maintain the preferred temperature for each zone. Get your hands on the electric power steering that combines precise driver feedback with swift, accurate response to instructions from the wheel.The technology employed and the calibration of the control unit ensure both steering precision and genuine driving enjoyment. Every feature within the Renault Fluence is built and styled to pamper.
The new Renault Fluence is fully equipped with technology focused on user-friendliness. The Smart Access Card makes ignition keys a thing of the past. The Plug & Music option enables drivers to control auxiliary players (such as an iPod®, or compatible devices­ with an USB connection) via the steering wheel-mounted fingertip remote controls.Several other similar practical touches complete this high-tech package, each of which aims to enhance the experience of the car. Finally, technology does what it’s supposed to do. Takes driving pleasure to a whole new level.
The new Renault Fluence ensures that each drive is safe. Every feature – right from the seatbelts to the ABS – has been tested in an exacting endurance programme in demanding conditions (extreme heat and cold, poor roads, dust, etc).The company has capitalized on in-depth studies and also used its extensive engineering expertise to develop efficient safety systems relevant to the driving conditions found in India. Be assured of a superlative drive with the knowledge that the car will take care of you and your loved ones.

Product Description

Fluence E2/E4 Diesel

Description Specification


Type Direct Injection Diesel Engine
No. of Cylinders 4 in line
Displacement 1461
Max. Engine Output 110 PS @ 4000 rpm/ 81 kW @ 4000 rpm
Max. Torque 240 Nm @ 1850 rpm
Fuel Efficiency 20.4 kmpl


Type Manual Type, 6 Forward, 1 Reverse


Front Mac Pherson type with coil spring, stabiliser bar and double acting shock absorber
Rear Trailing arm type with coil spring and double acting shock absorber


Front Ventilated Disc
Rear Disc

Wheels and Tyres

Wheel Rim Size 6.5 X J16, Alloy
Tyres 205/60 R16 Tubeless Radials


Wheel Base 2703 mm
Width 1813 mm
Length 4618 mm
Height 1488 mm
Ground Clearance 168 mm