khivraj-logoThe House of Khivraj is in existence since 80 years, started with a modest beginning from Hire Puchase, Real Estate, Aggregation of Lands, Properties Development and Management with advent of time diversified into automobile dealerships representing every sphere, Motorcycles, Passenger Cars, Small Commercial vehicles, LCV, MUV, HCV trucks and Busses.

Moving with time and its commitment towards a greener environment further diversified and invested on clean technology and products leading to wind energy investments, contract manufacturing, distribution and marketing of organic, Bio-organic fertilizers, micro nutrients to cater to the green revolution of our Agreteranian markets.

The group is a family-owned family managed people run organization. Spread over four generations, wherein 3 generation work together and the stewardship Sri. Devraj Chorida S/o Late Sri. Khivrajji Chordia.

Generation 2, his sons Mr.Sainikraj Chordia, Mr.Prafulchand Chordia, Mr.Jethmull Chordia.
Generation 3, his grandsons Mr.Pushpchand Chordia, Mr.Vimal Chordia and Mr.Arihant Chordia.

The group is established in Chennai, Tamilnadu and Bangalore, Karnataka with a business turnover of 360 crores.



Khivraj Group has invested in Wind Power since 2005 to meet social obligations for providing Green Power and Environmental protection.
The group has installed wind farms of 3.44 MW capacity at an investment of 140mm. Annually, Group wind farms generate 8.94 million units.


Khivraj group is involved with multiple charitable institutions to make this world better place for the poor and downtrodden.